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What is the harm in linking digital wallets to India’s unique biometric ID Aadhaar? None, many people would argue. But.

Naughty Dog’s blockbuster game deserves credit for its complex, foregrounded LGBT+ characters, writes Louis Chilton. For many.

Taboo Full Movie Sex Hollywood Sunny Lioni Sunny Leone returned to the gym after three months as they reopened in Los Angeles. Check out the video of her

From an Oscar Wild-hating uncle, to cousins who don’t think men should wear pink, negative thoughts about queerness abound.

Miss Watson, 30, who found fame as Hermione Granger, and Miss Wright, 29, who played Ginny Weasley, both chose to intervene.

How gender-nonconforming actors are changing Hollywood – Tommy Dorfman, Asia Kate Dillon and Theo Germaine are among the nonbinary actors making names for themselves in the.

I’ve been in the public eye now for over twenty years and have never talked publicly about being a domestic abuse and sexual.

In a 2012 Tumblr post, he revealed his sexuality to.

“The Biggest Loser” alum is also a lesbian, who came out around 2012. “I realize the gay community wants me to say and do certain.

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