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Sunny Lioni Sunny Leone returned to the gym after three months as they reopened in Los Angeles. Check out the video of her workout. On Instagram, an

Hollywood to use CGI for intimate, sex scenes, courtesy COVID-19 – With social distancing increasingly becoming the new normal, Hollywood studios are planning to create sex scenes using CGI to.

Sex scenes in Hollywood will reportedly be tackled using CGI and re-writes, with some being scrapped altogether, in wake of.

Get The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the style of working everywhere. It seems se scenes will be filmed from now on with use.

Hollywood is slowly reopening after being forced to shut down amid the coronavirus pandemic – but X-rated scenes will never.

David Corenswet, who plays Jack Castello, admitted he had a hard time with one sex scene in particular — here’s why.

Hollywood studios are reportedly being encouraged to use CGI for sex scenes to help keep cast and crew members safe.

Hollywood productions have been on hold for months due to the coronavirus. With the coronavirus subsiding, filming in.

Hollywood Is Apparently Turning To Blow-Up Dolls For Sex Scenes During The COVID Era – When ’The Bold and the Beautiful’ resumed production, they had to think outside the box when it came to social distancing.